p. 186: Reference to Christiansen, T, and Nielsen, J: Bioproc.Biosystems.Eng.24, 329-339
Reference to van Rolleghem and Heijnen, Biotechnol.Bioeng.(1998), 58, 133-138.
p. 193: Delete the footnote (the story may be apocryphal)
p. 200: Figure text: Correct competitive to non-competitive.
p. 308-309. There are several errors in the text of Problem 7.3. 1. Eq.(1): The KS in the
denominator should be K2 . 2. Text below eq.(1): K1= K11K12K13K14 (the first index is
erroneously printed as a “4”). 3. Just below the definition of K1: Correct the last ~ to << 4.
Above eq.1: Correct K44 to K2 (i.e. K41=K42=K43=K2).
p. 358 line 1 from top: X = x/(sf Ysxtrue). Also Figure 9.3 D is wrong. One should depict
YsxtruesfS/(S + b(S + a))/qx against S in order to obtain an ordinate that is p-1(1-S)-1. But
now Figure 9.3 D becomes identical to Figure 9.3 A. Consequently the same Tmin is
obtained, but the biomass yield is of course lower than for no maintenance.
p. 370 last line: (24.6/30); change to (30/24.6). The answer 0.02114 is correct.
p. 382 Eq. (9.88 b): Add a term Ysx sf on the right hand side of the equation.
p. 391 Eq. (9.105), inside the V : Change sign in front of D to a minus sign.
p. 409 line 10b: V ^ V
p. 414 line 9 from top: Change to Ps = Ysxtrue ms.
p. 429: formula (10.11). The exponent on the last factor is 1/3
p. 448 Table 10.8: The solubility at 40°C is 1.03 mmoles L-1
p. 452 Eq. (12): Change c*0(DOT - 1) to (c0 -c*0).
p. 465: Eq (10.52) incorrect. Should read
p. 472 line 5: gmax^ tymax
p. 510: One line in the table is wrong (reciprocal numbers were erroneously inserted).
Hence, correct the tc line to: 1 2.94 1 5 25.
p. 513: Eq(1): The stoichiometric coefficient of biomass should be 0.456.
p. 514: Problem 11.1, third sentence should be: "Suppose now instead that the impeller
diameter of the 1 m3 reactor is chosen.
^p. 584 Left hand expression of Eq(2): The denominator should read s„ - s0.?
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